Approach and Services

We have a unique approach which involves working very closely with our clients to ensure the brief is both true to their vision but also realistic, achievable and sustainable, in terms of time, budget, execution and environmental factors.

We can provide all services direct or alternatively work collaboratively with designers, builders and suppliers – managing every detail of the project to ensure all of the work is to the highest possible standard. Our expert project managers will personally manage the entire project for you, providing regular status updates and ensuring that everything comes together seamlessly, on time and on budget.


share your vision

The process starts with a face to face conversation where the specific nature of your needs and project are discussed and determined.

A collaborative atmosphere is maintained throughout, blending a balance of your vision and CBB’s insight. Our team will share their knowledge and expertise and will advise on the parameters of possibility in creating your bespoke piece and/or designing your living space.


bringing your vision to life

After we have received your initial design brief and ideas through the consultation process we will work with you or your designer to develop and ultimately produce the optimum and best fitting solution.

We work with the latest computer-aided design technology so that you can clearly visualise and we can plan your project. We can also help with material suggestions, and provide samples or a mock up of how they will look and feel.


making your vision a reality

Our extensive knowledge of building and engineering ensures that all aspects of the construction can be completed with great accuracy and with longevity in mind.

We use a mix of state-of-the-art equipment and techniques alongside traditional construction and joinery methods to ensure that your project is produced both to the exact specification, as well as completed with the desired finish and aesthetic.


your vision in safe hands

We have our own dedicated installation teams who have the experience and expertise to undertake all levels of installation in their stride, from the most simple to the most complex. They will additionally check and review the quality of the workmanship completed throughout the whole project.

Our installation managers also have expertise in project management and will ensure that the installation process is carried out safely, with care and to exact specifications. You will be assigned your own installation manager for your project who will be your sole point of contact – keeping you updated on progress and able to answer any questions you may have.

Using this tried and tested process we have helped many clients, both residential and commercial, complete their projects smoothly and efficiently.

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